Dacentec Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Server Hosting

Secure your business with Dacentec dedicated servers.

Secure Dedicated Infrastructure

Dedicated servers provide a secure hosting environment if you are storing sensitive data or are handling a large amount of website traffic. At Dacentec, we offer fast and affordable dedicated servers that are ready in less than 24 hours.

Configure dedicated server

Dedicated Servers
 Supermicro 4-Bay 2xE5-2660v2 16GB 120GB SSD + 2x3TB - Rent Only 16GB 2x3TB HW $100.00 USD / Monthly Order
 HP ProLiant 2xL5420 16GB 2x1TB Rent Only - Special 16GB 2x1TB SW $25.00 USD / Monthly Order
 Supermicro 4-bay 2xL5420 16GB 3TB RTO 16GB 3TB SATA SW $50.00 USD / Monthly Order
 Supermicro E3-1230v2 16GB 2x2TB Rent Only 16GB 2X2TB SW $65.00 USD / Monthly Order
 Supermicro E3-1280v2 16GB 2TB RTO 16GB 2TB SW $50.00 USD / Monthly Order
 Dell 2xL5420 16GB 2TB HDD or 240GB SSD RTO 16GB 2TB or 240GB SSD SW $45.00 USD / Monthly Order
 HP ProLiant DL180G6 2xE5520 16GB 2TB RTO 16GB 2TB HW $60.00 USD / Monthly Order
 HP ProLiant DL180G6 2xE5520 24GB 2TB RTO 24GB 2TB HW $65.00 USD / Monthly Order
 HP ProLiant DL180G6 2xE5620 48GB P212 RAID 2x2TB RTO 48GB 2X2TB HW $75.00 USD / Monthly Order
 HP ProLiant DL360G5 2xL5420 16GB 240GB SSD RTO 16GB 240GB HW $50.00 USD / Monthly Order
 Intel E5462 32GB 2x1TB RTO 32GB 2x1TB SW $60.00 USD / Monthly Order
 Supermicro 6-bay Opteron 1385 8GB 2x2TB Rent Only Special (Bonus 4TB FREE) 8GB 2x2TB SW $25.00 USD / Monthly Order
 Dell PowerEdge R210 II E3-1240 16GB 2x1TB Rent Only 16GB 2X1TB SW $50.00 USD / Monthly Order

What are Dedicated Servers used for?

  • Website Hosting
  • Gaming Servers
  • Backup Files
  • VPS Hosting

Benefits of a Dedicated Server:

  • Load times are dramatically decreased since resources are dedicated to your specific server and business
  • Reliability increases since you are not sharing your server with others
  • Security risks are reduced
  • With multiple configurations, we can find a server that can fit any requirement

Cloud Features & Value

Dacentec provides a dedicated server experience with added cloud features that help you work.

Local Disk

Automated OS Install

Start,stop,reinstall and manage every aspect of your server online.

Local Disk

Power Port Control

Power your server off on from your portal.

Local Disk


10TB premium Bandwidth included with every server.

Local Disk

1 Gbps Port Speed

1Gbps port speeds included by default with each dedicated server.