Pre-Configured Server Hosting

Secure your business with Dacentec dedicated servers.

Secure Dedicated Infrastructure

Dedicated servers provide a secure hosting environment if you are storing sensitive data or are handling a large amount of website traffic. Our Pre-Configured Servers are some of our most popular configurations delivered in under 2 hours.

Configure dedicated server

Dedicated Servers
 Dell 2xL5420 16GB 2x2TB SATA - Preconfigured 16GB 2x2TB SATA SW 10TB $35.00 USD / Monthly Order

What are Dedicated Servers used for?

  • Website Hosting
  • Gaming Servers
  • Backup Files
  • VPS Hosting

Benefits of a Dedicated Server:

  • Load times are dramatically decreased since resources are dedicated to your specific server and business
  • Reliability increases since you are not sharing your server with others
  • Security risks are reduced
  • With multiple configurations, we can find a server that can fit any requirement